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"Get more of the "good stuff" in your body and live well!

Jenny Ross

Author, Educator & Plant Powered Chef since 1998

Veggie Mama Vegan Recipe Book by Chef Jenny Ross
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Personal: Jenny works in collaboration with other authors and educators to create online and live programs to support individuals in achieving their best health. She also works with individuals to help create meal plans for transitioning diets.

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Testimonials from course participants: 

"I never thought I could survive 7 days on just juice! This program made it so easy, I was never hungry plus all the great information Jenny provided made me feel so at ease. I'm so grateful- I've lost weight, I feel great, and most importantly I feel like I am now more confident to keep juicing every day!" -Jordan


"I wanted to email and let you know how much I am enjoying your Juice program! The content, videos and your enthusiasm and energy are making this week super fun and great to be a part of. Thanks for doing this and reaching out with your expertise, knowledge and just plain love...yep, you can feel it! Love the format in that it's guided to the point of using super researched material but fluid enough where folks can go at their own pace too." -Brenda


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Consulting Chef to some of the world's best plant-powered projects!

Industry: Jenny works as a food and beverage consultant to support brands with her extensive food-service knowledge and development background on creative projects with brands, products and wellness centers. Additionally chef Jenny works in the plant-based foods industry as live demonstration chef and brand educator, creating and developing food related content and products.